Getting Full 3d support in bootcamp with any gpu

Jan 18, 2010
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Hate buying "mac" based gpus, heres a solution!​

After being extremely ****** looking at mac gpus for almost 350 dollars, that were know were near up to date or par with todays pc gamers.I did quite alot of research on flashing and such, which is very unreliable btw. I found a blog awhile ago that, gave a theory on windows cards running in the mac pro.

I had a spare 4670, around the house, and unfortunately a crappy 7300 in my mac pro.

1. I popped in my 4670(which does not need a power cord)
2. In snow leapard, i got a kernal panic on boot up(This is because there was already a 4670 kext file in snow leopard. removed the kext, and toda osx simply ignored the card, and operated as normal)

3.Boot in to windows, and install the drivers for your windows card.
4.disable your mac card in windows. may need a switch box to for quick video card switching, if not your gonna have to go behind your computer and hook up the other video card. also keep in minds fans in the card will go full throttle in osx. should not bother most considering its pretty quite

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