GarageBand error messages

Sep 9, 2008
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Hi to all- I run a MIDI lab at our school, and recently came across a problem I can't solve. We have brand new flat screen iMacs running 10.5.4. I have the latest version of Garageband and all the software updates. When I open GarageBand I Get: "Native Instruments
Installation folder is not writable. Please select a folder now"
I click OK and a new window opens giving me some choices, but the GarageBand app is grayed out. I click cancel and get: Native Instruments
Installation folder not found. KontactPlayer 2 will terminate"
KontactPlayer 2 was installed along with Sibelius, but I know nothing about this program.
This worked perfectly, with no errors, under 10.4.11. The computers were disk imaged before being delivered to the lab. Any ideas?

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