.i am planning on getting a G5 soon but ive read numerous posts on all different forums about all the different problems that there having do you think it is worth it? what problems should i be looking for.


.also is the dual 2 or dual 1.8 worth it or is the 1.6 1.8 single processor suitable. the price isnt that big of a deal to me
Jul 22, 2003
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I can't answer your questions about the problems since i dont have one but if price isnt that big of a deal I would go for at least a dual processor. A single processor just doesnt use the potential of the G5 as much as a dual


I a PC Network Administrator/ fashion photographer recently used my final student discount to buy a G5..

I have no problems with it for doing what I do..

Originally I bought more memory off ebay, thought it would be good, but it made it crash, i ordered a gig from macsales.com and this things been running very smooth and very nice...

Soley becuase of the money invested in the Virginia Tech Super computer with 1100 G5's so soley to keep that sucker running and not have bad press it'd be wise of them to keep these in tip top condition, especially when the 2007 roll out comes around which is already being mapped out.

so far I have been using the follow apps flawlessless..

Firebird(rarely crashes)
Fire for AIM/Chat
Microsoft Office V.X(new version with Virtual PC comig out soon, now part of Office V.X)
I play with all the imovie and iphoto stuff but I think they are crap for professional use, so I use other image management software, which runs fine.

Slashdock for news and updates of RSS news feeds

Azuerus for Bittorrents.

All in all it's a great machine, very stable, sometimes weird stuff happens, like I lose a mouse today and had to restart.

If you can, find a student to buy one for you, either through the apple story(helps if your not in CA) so you dont pay taxes either, you'll save money that way..

I bought my G5 Dual 2.0 for $2399.. he he :)

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