G5 screen of death...in 7 languages



I have had a white screen prompting me to restart my computer appear after leaving my computer to render video for an extended period of time.. has anyone else seen this? Why does it happen?
Feb 25, 2003
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I think you mean it had a kernel panic. On the G5, i suspect this will all but disappear when it gets panther (which is what its made for). Its nothing like the old PC blue screeen of death, though it can be annoying, but wont happen at random. I only get them when I try to connect to a server with multiple connections thru speed download. Its software related mostly. Nothing to do much with your mac. But when you do restart hold down command + s, which is single user mode, when it goes thru its speil, type in "fsck -y" this will take care of your computer, it will go thru its spiel then type in "reboot"

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