G4 Powerbook dead



I have a G4 powerbook laptop that I have not used in about a year.
I finally needed it again & tried to turn it on - nothing
Figured it been a whole year - so the battery must be dead - I plugged it in to recharge it - nothing
I pulled the battery on the back/bottom of it & put it back in - thinking maybe a bad connection - nothing
I tried just using the power cord w/ & w/o the battery installed - nothing
The battery doesn't even get warm from trying to recharge it.
I thought for sure the laptop would work w/ just the power cord - (my pc lappy does)
I am assuming that the power cord is working. When you plug it into the powerbook the end of the cord lights up a red/orange color.
The Powerbook did work fine a year ago-
I don't want to spend the $$ for a battery only to find out it something internal - like the power supply.
Any suggestions? It does NOT turn on at all - no beep /chime - nothing! :confused:

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