G4 Mdd Psu Fans Replacement??

May 12, 2007
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A question thats been beat to death but I'll ask anyhow. I have a Dual 1GHZ MDD. I got this as a gift and the original owner never took part in the silence swap way back then. So it is a LOUD beast. I have just done my first cooling mod. My Idea was taken from XLR8yourmac. Here is a few pics of my setup.

So my question is, What are good replacements for the 60mm psu fans? I have the original stock Deltas which move ALOT of air( 37cfm at 49) Which is MAJOR loud. I've searched everywhere for tips ect. I've even seen where a guy took some Volcano5s and used those fans. He has them rated at 32 cfm but that is wrong it's more like 24 cfm for those. So what would be the best and safest fans to replace the originals without hurting my psu. It gets really hot inside there and I don't wanna under do it . Any tips are welcomed. Thx in Advance!!!!!

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