G4 Hard Drive Issues

Mar 18, 2008
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I just recently purchased a PowerMac G4 MDD. The guy I bought it from had cloned Tiger for it, but since I'm primarily using this computer for older recording gear (Digidesign Digi 001), I downgraded to Jaguar with the install discs he provided. Everything worked fine and I was able to install an additional hard drive to save all of those bulky sessions files onto.

I also use Logic Studio 8, so I needed to install Tiger as well (I guess I should have left it from before, but I was anxious to toy with the Digi). What I ended up doing was running the Jaguar install disc so that I could partition the original 60Gb drive (one half for Jaguar, the other for Tiger). I was able to split the drive up, but for reasons unknown to me, the Jaguar install never finished, or at least the first disc finished and restarted the computer, but got stuck at the gray screen with the cog wheel spinning.

I've tried to boot from the install disc (holding "C" at the restart), but I just get stuck at the same gray screen, and I've tried to install from another mac, but the disc never boots, or it will show up and when I go to restart, it just brings me back to the desktop.

Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe I'm not searching for the right thing, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

The discs the guy gave me are the gray ones if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance.

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