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Well, I've bought three 256MB upgrades and have had to return all of them...

First up I figured I could get the right SIMM from CompUSA (they *sell* Macs don't they?) and took it home to discover it wasn't PC2700. I then went back and exchanged it for a 256MB PC2700 and it physcially installed OK. Powered up my new Book but the memory wasn't recognised.

So took the memory back to CompUSA and did the wait-in-line thing and got my refund.

So I thought 'eff it' I'll just go down to the Apple Store and buy the 'Apple' memory. So I did. Told the guy there I have a *brand new* Book and need a 256MB upgrade and then paid my $100 for it.

Back home, the chip did clearly not have the right fitting for the socket so..bacl to the Apple Store. Took the memory cover off the back and put the chip next to it at the Genius Bar. The genius launched into his 'memory upgrades are easy to do..' spiel before I said 'holdon - look at this chip'. End story I got another refund but they didn't have the 256MB in stock and didn't have an expected date.

So, I figure OK!! I'll buy it at the Apple Store Online. Turns out they only have the 512MB. For $300(!).

I've doublechecked the specs and they do say the Book supports 256MB/512MB and 1GB sticks. Mobile use is *No. 1' for me so I'd prefer not to put a 512MB stick in and power memory I don't need as 512MB total will stop all my slow paging issues.

Anyone successfully got a Aluminum 256MB upgrade?


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Dec 24, 2002
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Your Mac's Specs
14in MacBook Pro M1 Max 32GB 2TB
I am not sure what G4 powerbook you have but, Memory to Go or Crucial may help you.

Also I would get as much memory as you can afford. It does not hurt to have to much memory.

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