g3 iBook dies, then revives itself, then dies..



My ibook is plugged in 70% of the time I use it. A few days ago, while plugged in, there was an X on my battery icon. I was told it meant it was dead, so I've kept it plugged in, and it's worked fine. Two nights ago, while it was plugged in, it completely died on me. Yesterday, I went to the Apple store to buy a new battery and they didn't have any in, so I talked to the guy and I bought a new power adapter anyway (he didn't tell me to, I just didn't wanna go home without anything). I plugged it in, and it worked, and then for the 1st 10 minutes my battery was in charge mode (although % stayed at 0) ..the light on the adapter was orange. Then, the battery icon had an X on it, and the adapter light was green. Worked fine, plugged in. This morning I go to use it, and I open it up and it's fine for 2 minutes. Then, my screen goes black, but it's still running - I can barely see anything, but I can tell the desktop screen is there. Now, 10 minutes later, after taking the batter in and out, and unplugging the adapter and putting it back in, It's working fine (with the exception of the X on my battery icon). What is the deallll? I don't have time to take it to the Apple store right now.

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