G3 hard drive hangs sometimes



hi there!

following prob: 2 harddrives installed in my blu g3. one master, with the os on it and the other as slave, parted into several partitions.
it happens sometimes, when i open a file, switch to another proggie, save a file, browse for a file, what the hack ever - the computer hangs/freezes for 10 secs or even longer until the drive (m / s - i dunno!) has found what it was looking for.
no serious prob but it sucks, cause it often occurs!

what could that be? anyone an idea? i set the jumpers right, so there's no m / s mixup. on the slave drive i put all the programs i needed, so the system partition on the master stays as clean as possible...

anyone spotted the same prob???

thx for any suggestons!


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