Future problem with monitor

Jan 26, 2009
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Edinburgh, Scotland
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Mid 2012; 27 inch; 2.7Ghz; i5; 16gb ram
I own a 17 inch iMac G4, the one with the dome and flat screen. Not had any probs since '05 time. (Gosh, just hoping I'm in the correct forum this time).

I have notice just in the past day or two that what appears to be tiny tiny green dots appearing on the monitor. They don't appear in everything just especially during a darkish backdrop pic and never in the same place.

Could this be a system failure of an impending doomed monitor screen? I cannot afford to change my machine until next year so I'm really hoping that there may be not much to be concerned over. Have run the hardware test DVD that came with the machine but it showed passed in everything.

Should I start to worry? Thank you.

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