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FS: PowerBook G4 w/ Lots of Software



I really need the money for school in the coming semester. Please help a poor guy out :)

Adobe CS
Macromedia Studio MX
MS Office X

Almost Perfect condition, one minor 1/8 scratch, no dead or stuck/floating pixels of any kind. No problems of any kind. Bid Now, I have great feedback so click on "From Buyer" to see all the stuff I've sold. Maybe a bit slow but I can assure you, it ran Word, Photoshop and DreamWeaver perfect, which is what I used it for. Thanks for looking.



The scratch is on the top of the laptop, toward the back. I can email you a picture where it is visable if you like, send me your info and I'll send it when I get home from work.

The reserve is set for $800, however I may come down in price if it doesn't sell, but only because I really need the money. Thanks for your interest.


for 200 more then your reserve you could get a 1ghz ibook with edu discount...

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