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FS: Mac Parts and random items

Nov 11, 2005
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2.66 Mac Pro, 2.0 CD Blackbook, 2.16 C2D iMac, 1.83 C2D iMac, 800 G4 iMac
I bought a couple new things so I'm looking to unload the things I don't need anymore.

1) Linksys Wireless G - Version 2, currently loaded with DD-WRT software for expanded options. I've been using this as my WDS router. $55 shipped

2) Netgear Wireless Super G - $35 shipped

3) Belkin Wireless G - Version 1.1, currently loaded with DD-WRT software. I used this as a WDS router as well to extend my range and as a wireless access point. $35 shipped

4) Original Apple Airport 802.11b card. Pulled from my 1Ghz Tibook. $65 shipped

5) Sega Dreamcast - System, 2 controllers, VMU's, cables. - $55

6) ibook 600 internal rib frame - $5 shipped

7) Powerbook Titanium HD ribbon cable - $10 shipped

8) Powerbook Titanium CD ribbon cable - $10 shipped

9) iBook HD/CD ribbon cable - $10 shipped

I'll add more onto the list as I go along. I have more to get rid of.

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