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FS: Ipod, TI-83 plus, IBM Z50



FS: IBM Z50's

IBM Z50 - I have two of these

First one:
133mhz mips, 48mb ram, and comes with AC adapter and PC connection.

Second one:
133mhz mips, 16mb ram, and doesn't have any of the accessories. Also, it needs fixed which I plan on doing tomorrow night, If somebody wants it before I fix it...I can obviously cut them a deal.

I have one 128mb CF card to go with one of these. I also have access to another 128mb CF card locally here for $40 plus tax as it's retail. I would test the card out to make sure it works and everything too but maybe you can get one cheaper, just an option.

Overall, what is an IBM Z50? It's classed as a subnotebook. It's windows ce based and runs ce and all of the common office products from a rom card. Ram is upgradable to 48mb and the screen is 8 inches if I remember correctly. Wireless CF cards are available for wireless connectivity as well, it has a pcmcia slot. I used a PCMCIA card reader on the one that is currently working and it read all types of media as if it was just like the built in compact flash port. It's instant on and instant off type technology, and the battery supposedly lasts 8 hours but I've never actually taken the time to check. I usually only have to charge the battery about once every 2-3 weeks. Pretty handy little machine if you have any papers to type and feel like taking your work with you everywhere. I only really used it for my to do list and it worked excellent, but didn't serve me many other purposes personally and I could use the money more than another cool gadget. Also, extra batteries and AC adapters are readily available on ebay. The AC adapters usually run about $20 and I haven't bought one because I haven't fixed the other one yet. Batteries are $10-20, I can't remember directly off hand but they are the extended batteries and probably add a little bit of weight but I think a little bit of weight couldn't hurt since it only weighs 2 pounds. The extended batteries on ebay supposedly run a big 16 hours!! Anyways, I think I've said enough on this matter.

Feel free to make offers on anything that doesn't have a price and I'll get back with anybody as soon as possible. Leaving me a PM through this board is probably the safest way to contact me. I have plenty of references as far as selling as trading goes, just ask for them. And finally, I'm willing to accept payment in the form of a postal MO or paypal. All other forms can be considered but I can say right now that personal checks are not allowed under any circumstances and I can't be talked into it. Also, if you're looking for what I call a fair reference for pricing, I don't ask ebay prices because that's not fair at all. Ebay is pretty high for pricing and is not a fair judge of market, and plus it saves me listing fees and the pain of some ebayers. So, I don't expect ebay prices...something marginally lower but not free. And I don't say this to discourage buyers, Just making sure all cards are on the table and I'm always able to answer any questions. :) (pictures can be available upon request)



IBM Z50 - working one: $150, add $15 if you want the CF card.

IBM Z50 - blown fuses, all other parts are tested to be OK. $70 or $50 with the other z50 as a packaged deal

If you wanted both Z50's...you would always have backup parts incase you broke the keyboard or cracked the screen as there aren't any parts available that I've seen.

Also, if anybody is interested but thinks something is too high...speak up and demand a lower price!

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