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FS: iBook G4 12"



Trying to sell my iBook (model A1054), asking $700, here are the specs:

12" TFT Active matrix display
800MHz G4 processor
Slot-loading DVD-ROM/CDRW Combo drive
10/100 Ethernet, Airport ready
56k modem
Firewire 400 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, VGA output, and S-video ports
Lithium Ion battery still works like new
In original box
MS-Office X and latest version of Adobe Photoshop would come loaded

Some of the lettering on the keyboard has worn off and the foldable AC adaptor plug works only sometimes, but I've been using the regular AC adaptor cord and it works fine. I bought it in February, 2004 when I was working in the music department at my university, where I no longer am and have no need for it.

Lorenzo Russo