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FS HP Pocket PC 2215



I have for sale a HP iPaq 2215. I have all the accessories (charging and syncing cradle, power cable, companion CD with Activesync 3.7 and Outlook 2002). Also included is a Rhinoskin aluminum case. The Rhinoskin case is a little scratched up, but the iPaq is still in mint condition as the day I bought it approximately a year ago. I am asking $250 or trades. If you have anything you are willing to trade, or are interesting in this Pocket PC, e-mail me at dangerboy13@gmail.com. I am looking for a Griffin Powermate or other Mac hardware in combination with cash to make up the difference. If you e-mail with interest, I can also send pictures.


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Is anyone interested? I am also willing to entertain offers for a lower, reasonable amount, or trades, or combinations.
Mar 20, 2005
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Michigan, USA
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1.67 Ghz 17" PB w/1 GB Ram; 400 MHz PM G4, 366Mhz iBook Firewire, Nano 4GB Black
I'm not interested danger boy. But, I will say that I own a 2215 and I LOVE it! Some people say PDAs are dead, but I disagree. Mine is an invaluable tool. With Bluetooth, I can easily connect with my Powerbook. I can view the internet, open office files. View CAD files, etc.

I also prefer the Windows PPC interface over the Palm interface, that's just personal preference.

The price that is being offered here is a fair one too. I paid $400 for mine new, and the aluminum case I'm sure wasn't cheap, cases rarely are. If you check e-bay the price seems to be close. (hey, danger boy. try putting it on E-bay).

Danger boy didn't ask me to put this. I've never talked to him actually. I just thought I'd try to help.