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FS: G3 233Mhz Grape iMac - gotta go!



UK only please.

A Grape iMac G3 233 Mhz in excellent condition, with original OS 9.2 and OS X 10.1 CDs and power cable. Includes OS 9 software such as World Book and a copy of the brilliant classic Creatures, as well as the OS X developer tools.

This iMac was bought around four years ago for around £600 and has rarely been used. I'm selling it to try and raise funds for a brand new mac of some kind!

A great, compact space saver due to the CPU being built into the monitor (15.8" x 15.2 x 17.6) and a sexy retro design make this iMac rather desirable.
I've clean installed OS 9.2 and OS X 10.1 onto the system (as a dual boot). It works perfectly well in both OSes!

Is in very good working condition and will get up and running quickly!

System Specs:

G3 233Mhz Processor
160MB SD RAM (can be upgraded to up to 256Mb / 384Mb)
6.0 GB Hard Drive
Two USB 1.1 ports
Built in Ethernet
Internal 56.6k modem
Built in 15" colour display
Apple USB Keyboard
Apple USB Mouse
Tray loading 24 x CD
Built in mic
Built in speakers
OS 9.2 / OS X 10.1
Comes with power cable

http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/stats/imac_266.html for more information on the iMac.

Disks included:

OS 9.2 CD (featuring Sherlock 2)
iMac Software Restore
iMac Software Install
World Book 1 (two disks)
Adobe PageMill 3.0
Kai's Photo Soap
OS X 10.1 CD
OS X 10.1 Developer tools
OS X 10.1.5 install CD - to save download time - includes iPhoto
Creatures for mac

May yet decide to install additional software on minus the install CDs.

P+P would probably cost about £20, I'd want you to pay it. I've got an offer of £120 plus P+P at the moment, so if anyone thinks they can beat that...

If you have any questions on the item just post them here, or send me a PM.



I'll give you a gmail account for it. ;) no, seriously...I'll trade you a pencil. You know what? I'll even make it MECHANICAL.


Icarus said:
I'll give you a gmail account for it. ;) no, seriously...I'll trade you a pencil. You know what? I'll even make it MECHANICAL.

This sounds very similar to a number of other posts i have seen here, hmmm :eek:


At least this guy has semi-decent grammer and alright spelling.


Doesn't matter now anyway, I've sold it :p

I own a stationary shop and a gmail account. Gah.


you can never have too many pencils and Gmail accounts are pretty rare these days...

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