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FS/FT: Loaded PC laptop



FS: Loaded PC laptop->Dell 5150 3.06 HT PIV

3.06ghz w/ HT
384 mb of 333mhz DDR
DVDRW/CDRW combo drive
96wH Li Battery + one 96wH Li spare battery
60gb Hard drive
15" UXGA (the best LCD screen w/ 1600x1200)
Integrated 802.11b Dell 1150 WiFi
Integrated Ethernet and modem
USB 2.0
Geforce FX 5200Go 64 mb version
External USB floppy

Full software bundle w/ XP Pro (I have a whole box of windows software that came with it that is still in cellphane)
To sweeten the deal, if your a gamer I have a fair selection of windows games lying around
and you can choose which one of those you'd like as well. (e.g. warcraft III, diablo II, DAoC, Morrowind)

Like new. Still has 472 days left on extended warranty w/ option to upgrade to Premier Enterprise Gold or Platinum.

Has Gentoo 2004.1 preinstalled or you can have the WinXP Pro that came w/ it of course.

Brand New from Dell goes for $2,015 dollars,

I'm asking for 1700 + shipping.

(The "some cash" is somewhat important though so I wouldn't want to trade for one of the higher end laptops. :D)

Feel free to pm or email me w/ counter offers.

For those who want more info, here is the order specs:

1 G1278 Processor, 80532, 3.06G, 512K, Flip Clip Pin Grid Array
1 W0986 Base (Assembly or Group), Notebook, 5150, 15, 3.06, Ultra Extended Graphics Array
1 0797C Customer Kit, Documentation, Airborne, 2-DAY, MJR, Account
1 0U487 Module, Software, D-IE2K, Standard, England/English, Dell Americas Organization, Inspiron
1 0Y873 Module, Floppy Drive, External, Universal Serial Bus, TEAC, Inspiron
1 5E533 Module, Software, OFCXPSB, England/English, Original Equipment Mfgr., Inspiron
1 5W394 Module, Information, Modem, 56K, Modem Daughter Card, ABCS
1 5W396 Module, Information, INTERNAL NIC, ABCS
1 5X322 Module, Software, WXPPSP1, England/English, Inspiron, Dell Americas Organization
1 5Y873 Module, Software, MCAF-COM, 1YR, Original Equipment Mfgr., Inspiron
1 6U324 Module, Keyboard, United States, ABCS/5150, Dell Americas Organization
1 79VTH Module, Shipping Material, Notebook, Length, Long, W/CASE
1 7U163 Module, Software, Digital Video Disk Drive, INTERVIDEO, 4.0, Inspiron
1 7W750 Module, Software, DOTNET, FRMWK
1 8W585 Module, FSD, Universal Serial Bus, 16M, Self Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology, Inspiron
1 8Y849 Module, Battery, Malaysia Direct Ship, 12C, SONY, ABACUS
1 90729 Module, Software, Information, New Technology File System
1 9T513 Module, Software, PSP, T&B, England/English, Dell Americas Organization, Inspiron
1 D0563 Module, Software, Internet Service Provider, AOL8.0, Dell Americas Organization, Asset Recovery Business
1 G1110 MOD-SRV, Software, Windows XP, Inspiron, 5150
1 G1442 Module, Software, REALP, V9, Basic
1 H2546 Module, Hard Drive, 60GB, Small Form Factor, 4.2K, V40P, ABCS
1 R0063 Module, Software, SONIC, V4.5, Inspiron
1 R1476 Module, Card (Circuit), GRPHC, 64MB, NV34, I5150
1 R1594 Module, Software, Dell Support, GENERIC, Inspiron
1 U1316 Module, DVD+RW, 4X, NEC, ABCS
1 W0947 Module, Liquid Crystal Display, 15, Ultra Extended Graphics Array, WVA, Samsung, 5150
1 W0994 Module, Dual In-Line Memory Module, 384, 333MHZ, 8K
1 Y0076 Module, Card (Circuit), TR1400, 5100, Dell Americas Organization, Inspiron
1 Y0630 Module, Compact Diskette, PTCD, W/TOOLS, 5150
1 Y0690 Ship Group, Notebook, United States, 5150, DAO-MDS


G3 iBook

I have a fully loaded G3 iBook if you want to buy. I won't do a trade but you could sell it on ebay.

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