Friend wants to buy a used iMAC - thoughts?



Hello, everyone!

hope this is the right section (first time here)

a work friend of mine , her professor has a used iBook G3 that he is selling for $900.

I live down in Costa Rica and prices here tend to be considerably higher here, the specs are

  • iBook G3 (2002)
    12 inch screen
    700 Mhz processor
    640 Megabytes RAM
    20 Gigabytes hard drive
    Ethernet connection 10/100
    Combo drive (reads DVDs and burns CDs)
    Fax connection
    2 USB connections + 1 Firewire connection Connection for external monitor with adaptor Illustrator 10 Photoshop 7 Office Toast Titanium 6 And regular Mac programs:
    imovie, iPhoto, iTunes, DVD reader, etc.
    Weighs 4.8 pounds

Is that a good price for that system / included software ?

all input is great.

This would be used primarly for photoshop and editing of of pictures (40-100mb size)

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