Fried Soundboard or Soundcard ? ?

Mar 29, 2007
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G4 17" PowerBook OS 10.2.8
This is the child of the "No Sound" thread

Ran Disk Utility to no avail

The permissions buttons were grayed out and unclickable

All I could do was verify the Mac HD

it read that it needed repair

So I clicked repair disk and it said that it was repaired, but the same problem w/no sound

Ran the Hardware Extended Test from the CD , and everything checked ok, but there is still no sound coming from the speakers when on the web or w/I-tunes

I don't know what firmware or drivers are or how it is relevant to speakers not working ???

G4 1GHz CPU speed
10.2.8 Jaguar (6R73)
1024 RAM
55.89 HD total capacity, 16.57 available
No peripherals

I was using audacity freeware to edit mp3 files
I then burnt a CD out of I tunes

Then no volume from the speakers whether playing a DVD, on the Web, etc . .

THe chime sound is inaudible as well

I tunes or a web stream will play, but with no sound

Here's what I have done so far (to no avail)

1.the keyboard volume key

2.the speaker settings from the icon in the upper right corner

3.The "sound" tab in the system preferences

4.shut it down for about 45 minutes and re-booted to no avail

I noticed that there was no chime volume at startup so

5.I shut down rather than restart

I hit the "on" button and waited for the boot sound(since the chime is silent)

I waited 2 seconds and then hit the PRAM key combo

I got the chime sound, but it didn't ring out as long as it usually does and it got cut short

(now I get no chime when I do PRAM) I even hold it down and let it churn 3 or 4 times and nothing

I then proceeded to the music selections in Itunes, and still no sound

I rebooted from the Install CD in order to do the Archive / Install (A/I) , but when I got to the destination Drive Screen, no drives appeared in order to select. It was blank with a message saying to choose a drive.

I then tried rebooting from the DVD holding both C and there was no option for A/I

I them tried it holding down opt, and no choice for A/I

I later found out that Jaguar doesn't have this feature

As far as reproducing the problem, it is reproduceable as far as that the volume consistently doesn't work no matter what I try

There are no error messages coming up

So This has been troubleshot with attempting PRAM, PMU, Disk Utility, Extended Hardware test, etc . . to no avail

There is still no sound whether from Itunes or from web streams

There is still no chime at startup

I hooked up a direct line out into speakers and headphones as well with no sound

There is no optical light in the jacks on this model from what I can see

However, it did work coming from the USB into a Griffin and then into external speakers

So, someone said that the sound board is out

Another said that it is integrated into the logic board

Another said that, since the sound card is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB); then it is synonymous with the soundboard

So, my question is

Is my sound card fried?

Here is the part I would like to replace

not bad for 80 bucks

I really would hate to have to replace a logic board as that would be 10 times as much and I might as well buy a new computer


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