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Can someone help me please? My Mac has developed a problem. It keeps freezing up temporarily, about every 5 minutes for about 5 seconds, then it's fine again for about 5 seconds, then it freezes again for another 5. When it freezes, the mouse still moves around and is fine afterwards.

As you can imagine, it's really irritating.

I have rebuilt my Mac recently but it still occurs. I am running 9.2.2 and 10.3.4. The problem doesn't occur in OS 10.

Any ideas anyone?
Nov 4, 2003
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Southern Indiana
Your Mac's Specs
Mac Pro Quad Xeon 2.66GHz 3GB RAM, G4 Quicksilver w/Sonnet 1GHz Encore ST, 1ghz G4 Powerbook
I would suggest that you turn off all extensions and see if that clears up the problem. If it does then keep turning on extensions until you find the problem. It may be a conflict between a couple or it could just be one that is corrupted/problem.

Rather than one at a time, I would actually turn on several extensions at a time and narrow it down by groups.

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