fonts problem

Feb 22, 2004
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I am using the Extensis Suitcase for my fonts.
I still am trying to navigate in system X, after working mostly with system9.
I am trying to install and use some fonts. Very often - in Suitcase, after trying to activate the fonts I will get the msg:

"There are fonts in the suitcase that conflict with the system fonts in The System Fonts Folder. You must remove fonts from the system folder and restart before you can activate these fonts with suitcase."

then, I have to options "Ignore" and "OK". Either will not allow me to open the fonts. (In system9 I was able to force it to open).

My question is how to get around it? How do I remove or disactivate the fonts in my system folder. I don't even see the fonts I am trying to open - in the system folder's Fonts Folder. Maybe these fonts are somewhere else in a different folder?
Please help...

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