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Font Conversion Help!!



hey all I am new here, and I have come to request a favour .

Well I have been sent a font in a ".sit" file and as you probably know cannot be used on Windows, after reading up about the conversion process I found it was possible but I needed to extract the files on a MAC computer! Here's where I need a kind person to help me Would anyone be able to extract the files from this ".sit" file on their MAC and email me the results? You can use "Stuffit" to do this. A trial version can be downloaded here --> Download StuffIt Here
I can't use the Windows verison because of the "resource fork" gets corrupt by windows, hence needs to be done on a MAC.

If you could it would be really highly appreciated!! If you think you could please email me and I can email you the file. [email protected]

In the way of viruses I can guarantee it contains no viruses what so ever!

Thanks VERY much - hope to here from one of you soon

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