First time Mac G3

May 30, 2007
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hi all, first id like to say what a good forum this is, very informative.

i bought my first mac ever off ebay a blueberry g3 imac (350 slot loading) for 35 quid and i must say i am very impressed with it. Ive changed the hdd to a 80gb seagate and added 256mb of memory to give it 384mb it already had a 128mb stick in it and i plan to get 2x512mb in near future. ive installed osx 10.3 and updated to 10.3.9 and while it isnt the quickest thing its no slouch.

i would like to thanks everyone on here who has posted info and howtos etc on swapping ram/hdd and getting osx to install. I spent the other night on here reading threads just to give me a bit of background in how these things work, so thank you all.

im sure ill be posting again so see you all around sometime.

Danny :D

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