Firefox auto login stopped working

Feb 23, 2008
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15,4" MBP 2,4 GHz, 2MB RAM, 250 GB HDD (Seagate aftermarket), Leopard, Logitech V470.
After changing nothing, just qutting FF3 and restrating it some time latter, I noticed I don't get automatically signed in to forums and other sites that require using usrename/password anymore. It worked, now it dosen't (also here). In Safari it works OK, in FF it just stopped working (bu I do not want tu use Safari).
Browswr remembers and auto fills username/pass, but i do not stay logged in if I close FF.
All setting in prefs (security, cookies etc. are normal/default), I've tried deleting plist, reinsatlling FF etc ...
I have fonud some similar probs on forums lately, but no answers. Any ideas?

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