finding/playing *.wmv files

Dec 28, 2009
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Mac OS X v. 10.6.5
I transferred some old video from a Sony PC100 camcorder onto my PC, placing them on an external hard drive ("xhd"). I played the videos on the PC just by clicking on them. Their extensions were "wmv".

I then connected the xhd to my Mac. I could neither find nor play the same files on the Mac. Why? How can I play them on the Mac as I want to do some video editing with iMovie?

By the way, I could not transfer the videos directly to iMovie as I do not have the right cable for the Sony. I have ordered an 800 fire wire so that I can do that when the cable arrives, I hope.

So the bottom question again: can I find or play the wmv videos on the Mac? How?

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