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Ok guys, so I'm trying to get started with .shn's

I found this application xACT, and I installed everything. Well, simply put, it just isn't working for me. I've decided I'd just like to use the command line tools, it'll teach me something. Well, I'm curious as to where xACT has installed Shorten and shnTool? How do I go about finding them from the command line. Locate and Find don't return anything.

Any help with finding them, or this whole SHN thing would be greatly appreciated.


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I believe that locate will only stuff that is defined in your path statement. Whereas find will search the complete disk.

If you are trying to locate all files with the .shn extension, issue the following command:

find / -name "*.shn" -exec ls -l {} \;

The above command will find all occurances of any file with the extension of .shn and give the complete path of where the file is locates. You will also see the size, date the file was created, owner of the file and the group of the file.

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