Final Cut Studio 2 Question

Sep 3, 2008
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Hey I am new to the forum, I just have a quick question for anyone willing to help out. I work for a school district where we set up brand new IMACs this year for our editing lab with final cut studio 2 installed and ready for use. Our office can be pretty messy sometimes and we think that we might have misplaced the serial code for the final cut studio 2. The programs are installed and running fine, but I am worried that down the line if something happens we might need it again. I am pretty new when it comes to macs considering we only just installed them. I have already learned quite a lot but most of my knowledge reisdes in windows. I know with certain window applications the serial for a program is sometimes stored in the registry or somewhere in an .ini file in case you misplace it we have used this method in the past. Is there a place on the mac where the serial that we registered the program with can be found? If it is possible I would like to know how easily it can be accessed to make sure we find a way to lock it down so a student doesn't steal it for his/her own use. I thank you in advance for any help you supply.


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