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Film Look on Video



Does anyone have tips to achieve a closer film look using a normal video camera(non-3chip), filters and FCP?


Well, the biggest difference that makes TV so much less like film in look, is your frames per sec.

There are After Effect Filters, one called magic bullet which retails for 1,000 lol, that among other things can accuratly change the picture to even get film grain in it but more importantly can lower your frame rate to movie level.

24 fps for a movie.
29.97 for tv.

That'll be what you raelly need to try and adjust.

To my knowledge there's no way to really do this in FCP4.

*also, just a note. on a high end G4 it takes 10 seconds per 1 frame of rendering using these magic bullet effects. Its high quality stuff, but definitely want a server farm hehe.


iDracula said:
Does anyone have tips to achieve a closer film look using a normal video camera(non-3chip), filters and FCP?

this link might help

i use a method similar to this with FCP4, only i don't involve quicktime pro. i just do it all from within final cut. when i de-interlace the two clips, i usually set the bottom one for lower and the top one for upper(kinda obvious i guess.
then i usually go to effects>video generators>render>noise and i add a layer of noise in between the two video layers, at probly 10% opacity. then sometimes (not for every project i do), i fool around with color correction til i get a look that i like, but only if i'm goin for a specific mood for colors.

i hope some of this helps you! :D

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