(fan) problem

Sep 22, 2008
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Okay, so I have been using an iBook for awhile now, and I usually keep it on but with the backlight off. I only do this during the day (9am-12am latest) and for the majority of the time, the backlight is off and I am not near the computer.

So it was just resting there and right after lunch, I decide to go on it. Apparently, it shut off by itself. I wonder why, but then I just turn it on. It doesn't make much of a noise when I start it up, but after 3-5 seconds of clicking the power button, it starts making this fan noise. The screen just stays black. I made it run that fan noise for about 1 hour and it was still making the fan noise. Idk my specs for my iBook G4. Does anyone know the problem? Idk if I have it under warranty because I got it from my school after renting it for 2 years. I have The Office Season 2 Disc 3 in the drive along with other stuff that I forgot to back-up. Is there anything I can do?

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