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Facts about Apple that will blow your mind

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As stated elsewhere, about half of these facts are either miss-stated or just plain wrong. I could spend a day taking apart this list, but the two most easily-disproven ones are #14 and #15.

14 in particular is completely inaccurate.There's not a single actual fact to be found anywhere in your version of those events. In addition to pretending that Microsoft was entirely operated by one person, Microsoft did not "invest" $150 million in Apple and save them from bankruptcy. The two companies settled a lawsuit MS might well have lost and made a series of restitutions to Apple, one of which was $150M in *non-voting* stock and an agreement to produce MS Office for Mac for at least another five years.

What saved Apple from bankruptcy was Steve Jobs and the executive team he brought with him, who understood how to focus. They developed the iMac, which saved the company. (Even in 1996, Apple could find $150M by looking under the sofa cushions). Read Owen Linzmayer's Apple Confidential 2.0 if you would like to know the actual truth behind that whole period.

15 is flatly impossible, as Apple's revenues grow (and occasionally shrink) and thus it is mathematically impossible for the company to "consistently" earn any amount unless its costs and revenues were totally flat.
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