factory slot ram



Hi there!

I own a 20" iMac with 768MB ram.
I'd like to upgrade my ram to higher, but I don't want change from the user slot. I'd like to change the factory slot ram to 1Gb and some company selling it.
I found one company here who'll change it for me without lose my warranty.
So, Has somebody got this factory slot ram? Does it works well?



Well first of all. You cannot put a 1gb stick in as any given slot only supports a max of 512mb. Now onto how to change the factory ram slow. I believe this will be helpfull: www.memoryx.com/howtoinfacdi.html - it gives you a step by step how to on taking apart the machine and getting to the factory slot to putting it back together. It includes a short description of each step as well as enlarge-able pictures.


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