Fable: TLC problems

Jan 21, 2010
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Your Mac's Specs
Power Mac G4 MDD 1.5 GHZ (OC) 1.25 GB Ubuntu and Leopard INTEL SUCK IT!!
I have tried running this on both my Powermac and Powerbook. Most of the time, the game fails to start. I have successfully run it on my PowerBook, about 6 times. My PowerMac loads the game but it blanks the screen. I'm downloading the 1.0.1 update in hopes it will fix things. The technical specs for the 9000 tell me it has pixel/HW shaders, which is required and it also has the 64mb required. I am NOT running the noDVD hack, I have the DVD in a drive. Anyone successful in running this on a G4 reliably?

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