Extreme questions: bridging, stealth

Nov 27, 2006
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Just picked up an AirPort Extreme at the Apple Store today. Without doubt it was the easiest router installation I've ever experienced (compared to two Linksys, one D-Link, and one Belkin). And I'm getting a better signal from the 802.11n all by itself than I used to get with my 802.11g using an access point "boost" ...

I have a few questions, though.

First, I tried to turn off the network ID broadcast and as soon as I did my computer lost all ability to connect via wireless. I typed in the network name (ZEN) and the password but it said there was an error connecting. I had to get a hardwire connection to the APExt to set things back. (I experienced the same problem when I tried to turn off the ID broadcast when I was still on the Belkin, too). Am I doing something obviously wrong?

Second, I am very interested in making use of the APExt's ability to operate as both a print server and a external HDD base. However, my printer and external HDD are both located two floors up from the APExt. Do I have to buy another APExt? My Belkin print server never worked right because my Mac could never locate the proper drivers for WiFi printing (though it works fine when hardwired into the computer). I know a lot of people find they have that problem unless they use an AirPort device as their print server but I'm not keen on paying almost $200 for a second one just to get remote printing.

Third, is there anywhere I can monitor whether I'm getting the 802.11n versus 802.11g signal from the APExt? My wife's current notebook only has 802.11a/b and as I understand it, as soon as she logs into the network the entire system will drop down to 802.11g speed. I'd like to find a way to determine if/when that is happening.

Thanks in advance!

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