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Extracting audio in imovie 08

Jan 26, 2008
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I've read loads of posts about this subject, I cannot seem to get them to work. The advanced tab in the menubar dose'nt seem to be there and if I right click the video to extract audio that isnt there either. Any one any ideas what might be going on and a work around
Jun 25, 2005
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You are getting your iMovie versions mixed up. The Advanced tab is in older versions of iMovie.

Type audio in the Help search box of iMovie and you'll find how to extract a portion of audio to move around within your project.

If you want to export audio out to a file, than you'll have to "Export Using QuickTime..." under the Share menu and follow through to create an appropriate file with just audio in it. Looks like you would have to export the entire project tract. If you want just a selection, then select that in one project, copy, move to another project, paste, and export that project.

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