External HD - Partition cannot be repaired!

Dec 16, 2007
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partition 1 = fine, partition 2 = uh oh

I decided to run a disk verify on my external hard drives and all was okay except for one.

It seems to be unrepairable...so i decided to run scans and an analysis using Data Rescue 3.

Here are the results from Disk Utility and Data Rescue 3:

The verify using disk utility:


The attmepted repair using disk utility:

the long text from the attempted repair was going to go here. i cannot retrieve it now. i originally typed this post and was waiting for something to finish so i can screenshot and add it to this topic. came back, the entire post i wrote was gone (had the attempted repair log) and i had to rewrite this entire thing. its unretrievable because the partition doesn't want to mount or something.

The message displayed after attempted repair:


The analysis results from Data Rescue 3:


The problem is the partition is a total of 250GB and I do not have 250GB of free space on any of my external drives

I am not sure what to do. Is there a application that may be able to repair this drive? I figured Rescue Data 3 was worth a shot but it seems as if it cant fix problems and it more of a analyzer.

Up until this very moment i've been able to access the disk, now its grayed out in the disk utility list and not on my desktop

This is worrying me because i have info on there i do not want to loose!

Its a weird situation because the drive its split almost directly into half, and the other partition is fine, not problems what so ever.

Please provide me with some guidance! I want to repair somehow using some program and if not possible then I realize ill need to try to back it up by cloning the drive or something but i do not have the space to do it anywhere! ahhh.

*side note, how come in disk utility, for all drives, not just the one im having problems with, have the verify disk permissions and repair disk permissions grayed out?:



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