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Aug 30, 2008
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New to the forums, and also to my Mac, but really loving it. Firstly apologies for asking a question that I know has been asked many times, but I just can't figure out a consistent answer.

I have a number of PCs at home running Vista or XP. I also have a Windows SBS Server with some RAID storage. However, I have now bought this amazing MacBook Air, which I have loaded up with about 5,000 photos and several docs.

My objective is to buy a lot more RAID storage (1 Tb?): maybe a new external drive or NAS. I would like to

- have my PCs and my Mac to be able to read/write to the new storage.
- move my Mac iPhoto storage to this external drive and be able to share that with the PCs.
- move most of the MSOffice documents off the SBS server onto the new storage so both PCs and Max can read/write them
- possibly store large video files on the new storage
- have Time Machine do regular backups to the drive
- not have too much latency across my gigabit ethernet

Could someone help with the easiest way to do this and what specific kit is recommended....

Many thanks

MacBook Air

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