External Access to NAS Drive

Apr 13, 2010
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I have just purchased the 2TB NetGear RND2120 Duo.
I have an Apple iMac and Airport Extreme Router.
The iMac is hard wired to the Router and the NAS is hard wired to the Router too.
I have opened Port 443 on my Airport Extreme Router.
I have installed the necessary software for the NAS from the supplied disk.
I have also installed ReadyNAS Remote on my iMac and the ReadyNAS Widget.

I have created 2 user accounts and I can log into these with wireless or cabled ethernet from all local computers on my network.
I can save files to each of the user accounts that I have created via my local network.

I can log into the NAS remotely with the admin user ID which starts up FrontView. I do this by entering https://xx.x.xxx.xxx/admin in the address bar. This brings up a box where I enter 'admin' as the user ID together with my new password. This gives me access to FrontView.

Alternatively, I can enter https://xx.x.xxx.xxx/shares in the address bar which again brings up a box where I enter 'admin' as the user ID together with my new password. Unfortunately, there are no files shown and the system gives the message 'No shares currently available'.

Note that xx.x.xxx.xxx is my external IP address

Basically, I would to know - how do I connect to my NAS remotely, especially the new folders I created and also the 2 standard folders, BackUp and Media.

Thank you

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