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Jan 24, 2011
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Hi Folks... I'm migrating web and email hosting for a client. They have 12 employees all using Mac Mail, some POP, some IMAP, and all need to get consolidated into the right folders. When I Export mail out of Mac Mail, it produces a file on the order of a 10GB MBOX file that can only be ready by importing into another Mac Mail client. To Export this from one computer via Mac Mail, then Import to another via Mac Mail, then do an IMAP sync to upload to the server takes many 'hours'! However, when I connect to the server via FileZilla FTP Client, I can see that the files that were uploaded via Mac Mail are thousands of individual email text files. In contrast to an MBOX file, these text files are very easy to move around in and out of the FTP client; changing folders; uploading and downloading is a snap.

So, the question is... how can I export thousands of emails out of Mac Mail as these individual text files directly, instead of as an MBOX file? I would like to be able to upload and move them around via the FTP client as needed, then, when I setup the Mac Mail accounts, it can do an IMAP sync and download into the New, Drafts, and Sent folders as appropriate.

If it helps, here are a couple of file names of some emails downloaded off of two host servers...



They are of file type "Document". And I don't see any particular filename extension.

Is there a way to Export emails out of Mac Mail with these file-types? Or is there a directory where I can copy these types of emails from and upload them to the server directly without having to Export an MBOX file out of Mac Mail and Import again via another?

Thanks for the assistance.

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