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Excellent news ~ no more kernal panics




Some good news :)
My iMac G4 800 was suffering from lots of Kernal Panics, in the end I took it to my local mac center where they put it on diagnostics. The only issue they could find was that the directory structure was fragmented on the disk, but they weren't sure that this would cause the kernal panics. Some £80 ($145) later I took it home, and have since bought Disk Warrior !

However the darned thing still paniced. I had noticed that the machine appeared to be warm but the air out of the fan was not. As the iMac isn't in any warrenty I plumped for some self healing :eek:neye:

Bought some Artic Silver 5 thermal compound and on Monday night attached my base with a set of Torx ! Cleaned off all the existing thermal paste on the pipe (what looked horrid to be honest), and put on my nice new shiny Artic Silver paste (£5.00 / $8.00) for 3.5ml.

Screwed it all back together and its been running since Monday with NO PROBLEMS at all. Hazaar :)

Just ran disk warrior again to make sure the disk was in good condition, and it now just works. Not one kernal panic since, and believe me I've pushed it hard since. had the system running with CPU at 100% overnight.

I have noticed that the exhaust temp from the fan is MUCH higher, and now the base unit is always cold.

Back to being one happy mac'er again.




If the plug is yanked from my mac will it cause a kernal panic the next time
I turn it on?

I left my Mac on and went out. My sister told me that my little sister was poking around in my room but when I retured the Mac was off :eek:

After several slappings later I returned to my room and turned my Mac back on but before it got to the login screen it had a KP

just wondering if the plug yanking had anything to do with it?

She still hasn't told me what she had done so I assume she was messing about with it, couldn't get it to work and yanked the plug.