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Exceeding Maximum time limit on IDVD

Aug 1, 2009
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Hey guys

Im trying to put a show i filmed for uni onto a dvd for playback on DVD players and such, however the show is 2hr 28mins and so when i try to burn the DVD i get the following error.

"Your project exceeds the maximum content duration. To burn this project, remove some content"

i can compress the film small enuph to go onto the dvd but in projects settings it looks as though its the time limit thats the problem not the data.

is there anyway i can get around this and put the whole show onto a single DVD or would i be looking at doing it in 2 half's?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 25, 2005
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A dual layer DVD maybe an option if your Mac has that. You can check for that via the System Profiler application in the Utilities folder. Single layer discs are limited to about 2 hours of material while dual layer discs are limited to about 4 hours.

In the Project Info... under the Project menu of iDVD you can choose a different encoding setting which will compress the video in a more compressed manner.

Enter "encoding quality" into the iDVD help menu to learn more.
Oct 28, 2009
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When you share to iDvd, open preferences and change the quality. It will let you know if you can still do it on a lower quality setting.

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