ESATA external HDD question


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Dec 20, 2006
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OK, so this isn't Mac-related, but I was hoping someone could answer this before I buy something that doesn't do what I'm looking for...

I have a DVR box that can accept external storage, providing it's using ESATA.

I don't currently have an ESATA-capable enclosure, so I'm in the market. Ideally, I'd like a 2.5" enclosure that is bus-powered (I don't have an outlet handy to plug in a wall wart).

I see cables on the market that are "powered" ESATA cables. In other words, it's SATA+power on one end (for the drive) and ESATA on the other end - so that tells me that technically, power can be piped through the ESATA connector. Does anyone know of a case that they can definitively say powers the drive via the ESATA connection?

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