Error Message: Could not record because there is a problem with the source material"



I own a PowerBook G4 laptop...
I successfully burned about 5 DVDs using DVD Backup, DVD2oneX, and Toast 6. I had problems burning with Memorex Discs when I bought them in bulk (Error message: "Could not record because there is a problem with the source material. Result Code = -18774.") After reading other forums I found people had similar problems with Memorex discs bought in bulk.
I returned the Memorex discs and bought 50 Fuji DVD-R. I AM STILL GETTING THAT SAME ERROR MESSAGE. Now I'm not so sure the problem is with my media, but rather the software. I know the source material is not the problem because I'm making backups of Hollywood movies. Once I use DVD2OneX I can view the VIDEO_TS file using DVD Player and the movie plays perfectly.

I'm really frustrated now. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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