Epson printer driver (CX8400)

Jan 19, 2010
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Owned this Epson CX8400 printer for a couple of years now. (it's been discontinued since). Didn't use it for a few months, then updated with latest drivers (from Epson site) and started to print.

Problem is that I clearly remembered there used to be options (under print setup) that you can choose Type of paper (glossy, matte, etc) AND Quality of print (speed; fast or slow depend on resolution). These settings allowed me to print high res photos very clearly, and no streaky lines, which typically appear when print FAST and/or low res images.

Now, I do see Type of paper option, but not speed. What I see is that just resolution option of 360 x 360; 720p x 720p. That's it!! So, when I tried to print high-res images, I can't print in its full quality. It will be just printed like normal fast speed and leave all kinds of streaking lines (hence waste of paper/ink).

Any Owners of CX8400, can you help with this?? AM I just tripping of something never existed before? or maybe these were just PC Window-only options??

Feb 25, 2010
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Epson is actually really bad about not having feature parity in their drivers. They'll give the Windows version all these wonderful features, then never ever ever put them in the Mac versions. My husband and I both have the same printer... a cx4800 I think. But his can do all these things that mine can't because they didn't bother to put a couple of tiny options in.

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