entourage w' hotmail won't let me access "sent items"

Aug 16, 2008
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i have a very odd predicament. as of april 13, 2008 both my macbook pro and desktop g4 stopped letting me access recent "Sent Items" from entourage (version 11.4/mac OS X 10.4.11).

to be more specific, all items sent before 4/13/08 date remain accessible, but when i attempt to refresh my sent items folder (which ever so briefly reveals the new "Messages remaining to be received" count) i receive the following error message:

HTTP error. The server is temporarily unable to fulfill the request.

Could not r
etrieve mail.


Account name: "hotmail"

(*note that i am a premium hotmail subscriber. free hotmail account users are unable to use entourage.)

obviously since the problem has existed for 4+ months (as well as after a few additional software updates) this is not a "temporary" problem. but the glitch is driving me nuts because i often send very large attachments which i then like to delete without completely getting rid of the respective files' accompanying messages. (entourage lets me do this whereas accessing hotmail from a browser does not.) so my hotmail sent items folder has grown much too large. i also don't want to move these larger messages to "folders on my computer" because then i'll only be able to access them from home.

i'd love to hear from anyone who has experienced a similar problem and thereafter found a solution. or from anyone with educated tips.

please help!



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