Entourage Calendar Search Problems

Jul 24, 2008
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Hello all!

I'm trying to find a quick way to find a bunch of old calendar items and delete them. My peers (who are all on the same version of Entourage as I am) have this slick way of doing a search to find all the old calendar events and remove them. However, when I try to follow the same steps, I get a different search screen.

Here's the steps that they're following...
From Entourage Inbox click on Calendar
Go to Edit -> Find...

When they do this, they get a new toolbar that shows up at the top of their calendar (see first picture) that allows them to choose criteria to search for their calendar events.

When I do it, I get a pop up window (see second picture) that shows up on top of my calendar and doesn't have the same options. I've tried clicking on More Options to get to the advanced search, but the same options aren't there either.

Any ideas why my computer is acting differently than there's and I can't see those slick search options?

My OS is 10.5.8
My Entourage versions is 12.2.3 (091001)


Screen shot 2011-10-07 at 10.42.48 AM.jpg

Picture 10.jpg

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