(encrypted) internal disk as external usb disk?

Jan 29, 2015
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I am in the process to upgrade my macbook and replace the internal harddrive with a new ssd drive. should be relatively simple: boot from bootable usb stick with yosemite and freshly installed ssd drive, install on ssd drive --> clean new install.

my first though is that i can simply put the former internal harddrive into a usb case and have all the old data available on an external drive. easy.

however, the internal disk was encrypted when i installed lion(?), hence all the data is encrypted as well.

can i simply proceed and when i plug in the encrypted usb disk i will be asked for my user/password of the old macbook install? after all the google research i have done i fear it's not going to be that easy, but i will rather run into issues and the data will not be decryptable from a now different, newly built, machine.

has anyone ever done this before? or an idea if this will work?

thank you!

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