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Encoding iMovie settings for best YouTube upload

Nov 26, 2014
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Hi everyone!
First off, I feel really dumb for what I'm about to ask because it seems like everyone has it figured but me. But I might as well go for it because I've google searched it countless times and haven't found any answers.
So I just recently installed the new Yosemite OS X on my MacBook Pro. So I also have the new iMovie upgrade as well. On the older iMovie version is was really easy to switch over the settings (like bitrates, codecs, resolutions, etc ) to what YouTube wanted in order to have my videos download faster and not compromise the quality. However, now I have no idea how to do so.
For example, I've been trying to download an 11 minute video to YouTube by selecting it in iMovie then export it using File>Share>File and then saving it to my desktop and then dragging it to YouTube. It then tells me I have to wait an upwards of 3000+ minutes and telling me that I should change my 'advanced encoding settings' to YouTube standards. How do I do this?
Sorry this was so long winded...I hope one of you could help me out.
I'm looking forward to a reply.:Smirk:

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