Enabled "Back to my Mac", now iMac doesn't auto connect to wifi network?

Jun 23, 2011
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Hey all, back again with another weird issue.

Im pretty handy when it comes to macs and such but this problem has me stumped.

I enabled "back to my mac" so i could screenshare and fileshare my work computer from home and vice versa. It works in a pinch and its better than having to drive in. But this all started this ridiculous problem.

Whenever my iMac sleeps, or initially starts up it doesn't see my network. It used to pop up a window that said "none of your preferred networks are available" with my preferred network just chillin in the window of other networks to select. But now it doesn't even do that anymore. It just doesn't attempt to connect to anything.

Quite frustrating, especially when you intend to send files to your home computer and its sitting there not knowing what to do offline.

Ive tried creating a new location rather than using "automatic" in network prefs and Ive tried deleting my prefs and getting the mac to rebuild my network prefs in library.

I haven't tried resetting Pram yet, though i don't think this is at all an issue. I haven't tried booting into safe mode and rebuilding network prefs yet (probably going to try this after i post this). Lastly i haven't tried resetting my router to default and resetting my network.

I don't think this should have anything to do with the router since it worked fine 2 weeks ago and nothing changed on the router.

Any ideas? Im stumped.

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