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DVD Ripping, Noob Needs Help Please

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Dec 26, 2008
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hi ppl,

I have just bought my first mac today, should hopefully have it delivered next week. I'ts not a new one though, need to find my feet first. The first thing I
need to do is rip all of my DVD'S to my external Hard Drive, I'm keeping a select
few, then giving the rest to a charity home (once ripped, of course). The problem is that I have never done this on a mac before, so don't know what programs to use. I firstly need to rip the dvd to AVI, (forced subs included), but not with english subs all way through ect ect, But i also need to create and image (ISO) of the DVD (alongside the AVI file), so if i ever need to just burn the DVD again I can do it. I have heard of Mac The Ripper & Handbrake, but will these two programs do the job ? Like I said, I need to Rip to AVI & ISO.
Please bear in mind that I am a complete noob, and am just trying to bring myself away from windoze.....I hope someone can help me......Thanks In Advance.

PPC G4 (Dual 1Ghz)
2Gb Ram
400Gb Hdd
Geforce FX5200 (64mB)
OSX 10.5

Thanks - Mark :)


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
Your Mac's Specs
15" MBP '06 2.33 C2D 4GB 10.7; 13" MBA '14 1.8 i7 8GB 10.11; 21" iMac '13 2.9 i5 8GB 10.11; 6S
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